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Analysing the effectiveness of different cues within Virtual Reality

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

For my Final year project in university, I took a different approach to others and decided to do a research project. My research was on how different cues effected a user’s movement within Virtual reality. I was awarded a First for my work, largely due to my extensive consideration taken when examining the data gathered. Below is the abstract of my report, with the full report attached.

Abstract With the rise of Virtual Reality gaming, more research needs to be done on designing effective ways to entice the user to certain areas within a virtual environment. This needs to be done without breaking the user’s immersion with unrealistic effects or obvious hints. This project will compare the results gathered from different users being attracted by numerous cues. Special attention will be made to how much effect repeating an environment has on searching within it. Heat maps will be used to support the effectiveness of a cue by examining their movement throughout the level. A conclusion will be made defining the most effective cue found, based off the results gathered and also user thoughts on cue immersive.

Link To Report

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